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Being Saved from Time in 2014

In order to orientate a variety of foreigners for residence in North America, L. Robert Kohls and his staff at the United States Information Agency constructed a groundbreaking article, “The Values Americans Live By”.  In specifics, Kohls felt that visitors to the US needed to understand “common American values”, as such insights would allow them […]

An Invitation to Reconciliation

The following is a transcript from December 15, 2013, in Christ Chapel of Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN). As part of an Advent Worship Service of Holy Communion, the following sermon considers Matthew 11:2-11. Over the past week the attention of the world focused on the Republic of South Africa, in order to celebrate […]

Being Human in December

A predominant message of this holiday season seems to be both loud and clear: Our value as human beings is often dictated by our capacity to consume. While the average North American consumes approximately twice as much as fifty years ago, we are significantly less satisfied with the quality of our lives, which is – […]