A Commitment to Community with Muslim Students, Faculty, Staff and Neighbors Posted on December 11th, 2015 by

As Christian and Muslim religious life professionals, we are deeply grieved by the rise of Islamophobia in our nation. The Office of the Chaplains at Gustavus stands in solidarity with our Muslim students, faculty, staff and neighbors. As a church-related college rooted in Swedish and Lutheran values, community and justice are at the forefront of our identity and mission. In response to the vile anti-Muslim rhetoric and behavior that seeks to incite fear and division, let us treasure our friendships, extend and deepen our relationships, and strive for peace and justice. As a witness to our shared faith commitments, we stand against hate, ignorance, and bigotry wherever they occur and together work to promote dignity, inclusion, and equity.

– Siri Erickson, Brian Konkol, and Ailya Vajid (Office of the Chaplains)



  1. Jerry Cook says:

    Well said….peaceful voices must be heard.

  2. Seán Easton says:

    Thank you all for making this statement.

  3. Colin Saldanha says:

    Very proud to call Gustavus my Alma Mater. Thank you!!! GAC ’88.

  4. jim Wunsc says:

    Very proud to have our two daughters graduate from Gustavus.